Friday, February 19, 2010

Outside, Looking In

Moving to a new city is daunting to me, especially since I had to go a new city for school. That might be why some, maybe more, feel highly vulnerable when visiting Ada, Okla. for the first time. Compared to Prague, my hometown, Ada is huge.

Being an outsider myself, I was curious as to what other people thought about this campus town. The most common responses I’ve received are, “I definitely wouldn’t live there,” or, “be careful for those inconsiderate loons at the Crazy Corner,” even, “for it being such a big town, there is absolutely nothing to do there.”

Being from a small town I find very little activity, I rely on watching my neighbors tend their gardens or stepping outside to see where the flashing light and screaming sirens are coming from. I can relate to the idea of living in a boring town.

In Prague, Okla. there are only seven choices of restaurants to dine, and a single bar that only serves draft beer. Ada offers over 100 varieties of small eateries, large chain restaurants, and a plentiful supply of fast-food mayhem. The main entertainment in Prague is a seasonal public pool, volleyball and tennis courts, and a small park where pedestrians can enjoy a small stroll or bring their children to play. Not only does Ada have these small town enjoyments, but more. A movie theater, a bowling alley, bars that serve liquor, and many other forms of entertaining ventures that I have yet to discover.

So far, mostly from residents, I’ve heard that Ada is boring and dull with nothing to do, and I try to hold back the urge to invite them to live in my town for a week or two if they want to know what a boring town is really like. I am very proud of my boring town and the boring things it has to offer. I don’t complain of what it lacks or what it has. Perhaps, the bigger the city, the bigger the minds are of the citizens. So when I hear a resident of Ada complain about their boring town and how they can’t wait to leave, I began to wonder of what they will complain about when they move to their newer, boring city or town.

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